Why do I keep getting error message 988 or 990 or dealing with clogging?


Error message 988 or 990 is a clogging warning. In order to assist you, we need you to provide us with pictures of the following items to service@ricoma.com. Please send us the following information in this order and follow the steps provided to try and clear the error message 

  1. First, take a picture of the platen height.  
  2. Next, take a picture of the current nozzle check.  
  3. Include a downloaded file of the machine logs. To download the machine logs, follow the instructions in this video:   
  4. Flush the lines with the cleaning cartridges if you are missing lines in your nozzle check. To do this, follow the instructions in this video:  
  5. Take a picture of your ink lines while you have cleaning solution in them.  
  6. If there is still ink in the white ink lines after you flush them with cleaner, you will need to syringe the line(s). To learn how to do so, watch this video:   
  7. Next, we will need a picture of the printhead/carriage unit. To take a picture of the bottom of the carriage unit, you will need to put the machine in manual head clean mode.  
  8. After, take a picture of the serial number on the right side of the carriage/printhead.  
  9. Next, take a picture of the maintenance station. This is located on the right side where the printhead/carriage normally sits.  
  10. Afterwards, power cycle the machine off and then back on to see if the error message is still there.  
  11. Next, take pictures of the fan filters on the rear of the machine. You can see where they are in this video:
  12. If the lines are still clogged after all the steps above have been taken, you will need to cap the clogged head(s) for 5 days at minimum and 7 days for best results. You can watch this video to see how you should cap your printhead:   

We know that this is a lot of information to ask for, but it will help us solve your problem faster if we have access to all of these pictures and information.

Without this information we will not be able to effectively help you troubleshoot your printer issues and it is also required in order to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer if the error cannot be fixed. Thank you in advanced for your patience and assistance during this process.  

988 990 Clog
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