Main Axis not at 100 / No Needle Error Fix on the EM-1010


A "main axis" or "no needle" error on your EM-1010 is an indication that the machine’s sensor is not aligned. The machine’s sensor must be aligned and set at 100 degrees for normal operations to begin.

If the machine is not at its idle position but is still turned on, this error message will appear. The machine must be turned on with 100 degrees set so it can properly start or stop the sewing process. This main axis error also appears when it has detected a problem, like if the needle hits the hoop or if you get birds nesting, along with detecting many other issues.


Here's a video that shows you how to clear the error message:

Here are the steps to follow to fix the error message:

1. If a “No Needle” error is displayed, the needle is not detected over the working area.

2. Turn off the machine.

3. Locate the degree wheel knob in the back of the machine and do 2-3 complete rotations clockwise, stopping at 100 degrees.

4.​ Make sure to align the red arrow precisely.

6. Check if all the take-up levers are positioned at the same height

7. Turn the machine back on and let it load, and the machine will automatically find a needle position. 

8. After everything has finished loading, press the 100-degree icon on the panel once more. 

9. If there are no more error messages displayed, the machine should be working properly. If you continue to see the error, please try the steps again.


If you experience resistance while turning the degree wheel or if the wheel does not turn at all, you may need to expose the bobbin or rotary hook area. To do this, you will need to remove the cover on the sewing arm by loosening the screws on the bottom, as shown in the following image:


Once the area is exposed and the bobbin case is removed, check the rotary hook for thread build-up or a stuck needle. You can fix a stuck needle by following the steps showcased in this video:

If you took off your rotary hook, you will need re-do your timing: EM Series Proper Timing


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Need additional help?
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