How Do I Update the Software for My Heat Press?


Just like your phone and computer require updates from time to time, your heat press requires updates as well. When your machine displays an update message on the control panel or when your heat press starts to operate unusually slow, it’s time for a software update. 

Software Update Via MicroSD Card  

(The video above shows you how to update the software of your heat press).  

The current method that is available for updating the software of your heat press is via a MicroSD Card with update files you need to have access to. (To obtain these update files, please contact us at 

If you need to update the software of your heat press, you should have already been in contact with the service department to determine if the software needs to be updated.  

Do not update the software without prior confirmation from a Ricoma technician.  

Once you have spoken with a technician, follow the steps below: 

1. If we have determined that the software needs to be updated, a Ricoma technician will email you the files you’ll need.  

2. Insert an 8 GB microSD card into your computer. 

3. Open the email containing the update files. 

4. Download them and transfer them into your MicroSD card’s file library. 

5. Open the microSD card’s file library. 

6. You will see two file names: "DWIN_SET" and "heat01.bin" 

7. Once you have transferred the files onto your MicroSD card, unscrew the four screws on the back of the heat press to remove the orange plastic cover. (Make sure the machine is unplugged).


8. Upon removal of the cover, you will see the motherboard. 

9. Insert the microSD card into the slot on the left. Make sure it clicks into place.  


10. Before screwing the cover back on, plug in the heat press and turn it on.  

11. The control panel of your heat press should say “x% updating....” This means the software is updating.


12. The update should take about 20 seconds but if you encounter any issues during the update process, please let us know

13. Turn the machine off, take out the microSD card and turn it back on.  

14. After the update is done, the heat press will only go up to 212 F°.   

15. To fix this, click here to follow the instructions in the “My heat press is not heating up or going past 122 F” article. 

Need Additional Assistance? 

If for any reason you are unable to transfer the update files to your MicroSD card or you are experiencing issues with the update itself... 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance via email at or by visiting our support page at 


Need additional help?
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance via email at or by visiting our support page at